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Johnny Jazz

Wow, amazing images. Nothing this colourful happens in my neck of the woods.

p.s. Thanks for your comment on my blog.


Love the rich colors! This must've been so much fun!

Dylan Neild

have been liking this series a lot - so much colour. keep it up! :)


i wish i can hear the music and sound also......look like a fun and excited event.....i love the drum sound...btw nice colorful shot...everything seem to be in red:-)


Dragons are awesome. Love the red theme throughout all three shots. All extremely well done.

nice series :)

Happy hearts day sidney!


Cool pics, Sid. I love these striking images of the Chinese dragon dance. :-D


what a great chinese new year celebration, i've never witnessed one haha!

and since red is the theme for this post, happy valentine's day, sidney! :)


great sense of motion and atmosphere of the street, nice!


Man, this series of the Chinese New Year has been awesome. Great colour and action.

Matthew Greco

Very exciting, looks like alot of fun. I liek the smoke in the fireworks shots.


I can almost smell that fire cracker in the second shot!


Love the way they beat that drum.
Great stuff.

Paul (Memoria)

You Philippinos certainly know how to party! Fantastic colour.

David Kapp

I really like your coverage of the New years parade there. It looks like your crowds were much more manageable than ours. You took a lot of shots that I wish I could have.


That well that you so pass you with those celebrations with people and joy.


great series, love all that red in the bottom one

Otto K

This Chinese New Year series has been great. I especially like the dragon photos.


Great colour and drama in these pictures. I especially like the middle one with the fire crackers going off.

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